Thursday, January 10, 2013

New Year Update

2013 looks to be a pretty busy year for our family. After a lot of looking around, praying, and discerning, we have decided to join up with some other families in Monroe, NC this spring/summer. We received a very generous offer from a friend there who owns an operational and self-sufficient farm, who was looking for some folks to help him work and manage the farm. His goals and desires for Catholic family life and community work are basically identical with ours, and the benefits were so clearly plain to us, we decided it was basically a no-brainer. So, our course of action now involves a process of consolidation and downsizing. I'm overseas at the moment, and when I get back we will be selling our home and pretty much all our stuff and heading off to jump into the work at hand: manual labor and evangelical poverty. Our hope is to build a community of families that shows our non-Catholic and non-Christian neighbors what Gospel living looks like so we can invite them to the party too. We would appreciate any prayers for our endeavor; may our plans and efforts always be in step with the will of God and bring glory to His name.