What We Are About

       Taking inspiration from the Holy Scriptures, the Evangelical counsels, the lives of the Saints, and the example of the great monastic orders, we are striving to live out our Christian vocation in our families, in union with the Church, faithful to ALL that Christ taught, and offering our own lives as a quiet but prophetic witness to the culture of death and the desert of morality in which we live. We are a community of families living a monastic-like life without formally taking vows of a monastic order. We do follow the Evangelical counsels, but in a manner appropriate to family life. The vow of poverty is replaced by a commitment to Gospel poverty, while still providing for our families by our labor. The vow of chastity is replaced by the solemn bond of fidelity of our wedding vows, or a commitment to living in chastity for the non-married members . The vow of obedience to the order is replaced by a pledge of obedience to the Magisterium of the Church, committing to follow all her guidelines for faith and morality. Thus, we share a common lifestyle, but respect the autonomy of the family and the unique position of authority that parents rightfully enjoy in their own homes.
Our Goals:
  • 1The salvation of souls: Our Lord asked us, "what does it profit a man to gain the whole world and lose his soul?". Therefore, our life's priority at all times is to live in faithful, loving communion with Our Lord and His Bride, the Church. As parents, we also equally prioritize the salvation of our children's souls. Thus, our life centers around providing a love-filled home for our young, giving ourselves as an example of Christian holiness and faithful love, carefully training them in the Faith, and constantly praying for them and the well-being of their souls. Our daily schedule revolves around prayer, as in a monastery, with daily times of prayer, both individually and as a family, so that we may add our voices to the great prayer of the Church that rises unceasingly to the throne of God for mercy for the world and the salvation of souls.
  • 2A life of Gospel Poverty: Our Lord said, "if you wish to be perfect, go, sell what you have and give it to the poor, and you will have treasure in heaven". For a detailed treatment of Gospel poverty, which is not to be confused with destitution, see our page here. We choose this life for several reasons, the main ones being:
    • A. The commitment to have no part, complicit or otherwise, in the publicly funded murder of unborn children by abortion. We choose to peacefully resist the unjust use of tax funds by living beneath a taxable income level. Thus we may be faithful to Christ's command to render to God what is His (human life), without illegally resisting our government's just demands for public financial support. A more in depth Manifesto is here.
    • B. Simplicity in living so we may be better stewards of Creation, not wasting resources, but using them carefully and always with a mind for the poor and for future generations. We strive by our lives to encourage a more equitable distribution of Earth's resources.
    • C. Prophetic witness, by leading a radical Gospel life, to challenge the materialism of our culture and in particular those who would see abortion driven out of our country but are unwilling to make personal sacrifices on behalf of the defenseless unborn. We lovingly challenge those in all levels of the Church, from layman to Bishop, to be willing to lay all aside and suffer for the sake of the innocents who are daily slaughtered by the thousands.
  • 3An ideal environment for our children: We especially want our children to grow up in an environment of love, where home is all that a home can be. We want for them a Christ-centered daily life of prayer and sacrament, a rigorous Christian education, useful work that is necessary and beneficial for the whole family by which they learn diligence, industry, and skill, and a natural, healthy environment where they may enjoy open spaces, natural beauty, and wholesome play and physical activity.